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Featured Artist for March 2011: Albert Yau

As a student Albert Yau was on track to become an aeronautical engineer. Instead he became a lawyer and now practises at Yau & Wang Lawyers. When he can he indulges in his passion for photography. He also occasionally acts as city agent for CG Lawyers.

 We feature some examples of his work here.

Mystery Bay, NSW
Mystery Bay, NSW; Photograph by Albert YauAlbert – I’m into landscapes and it’s a constant challenge to find interesting foregrounds and backgrounds, coupled with something else interesting or dynamic so that the scene is not static and 2-dimensional. I like this photo because it has some interesting shapes, the waves give good action, and the looming clouds trying to cover up clear sky gives the photo a dose of mood. I think it’s a good combination of many pleasing factors.This photograph was taken with a Canon 5D Mark2 with a 17-40mm lens.
Flowers, Bowral, NSW
Albert – Flowers, Bowral, NSW; Photograph by Albert YauI took this photograph in Bowral last year. It is a special one for me, as it was the first shot I took using a 1977 Hasselbald camera, which I had acquired from a collector friend of mine. The shot reminds me of the nervousness of taking the “new” camera into the field, trying to work out all the finer details in the manual, as well as trying to focus using a 6’x6’ glass screen at waist level and applying enough pressure to the shutter. All of that were new challenges and amazingly, I managed to compose the shot fairly well, and the colours and background blur turned out very nicely.Taken with a 1977 Hasselblad 2000FC, with a 80mm lens.
Tsumago, Japan
Albert – Tsumago, Japan; Photograph by Albert YauI took this photo when I was travelling in Japan last year. It tells the story of a bygone era, where the family used to gather around the fire after dinner and enjoy its warmth. The head of the family (closest to us) has the benefit of a footrest to allow him to sit a bit closer and have a bit extra warmth, while his wife sits to his right in order to serve tea. His children sit opposite him, next to the screen so that the smoke can teach them discipline.I like this photograph because of the story behind the scene, and that the smoke really highlights the light coming through a top window, making it a special shot.Taken with a 1967 Rolleiflex 3.5T with a 75mm lens.

You can see more of Albert’s work here

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8 Responses to “Featured Artist for March 2011: Albert Yau”

  1. CG Lawyers says:

    Albert I think that your photography really reveals what a gentle soul you have. I think it is also interesting that you have gone for the elements (fire, water and earth although not air) but fire and earth are depicted in a rather gentle way and even water is rather forlorn rather than threatening. I wonder though to what extent I am projecting onto your photographs my own responses to these elements.

  2. Sean kirsten says:

    Albert great work you have a great eye well done and Cara well done for posting Alberts work.

  3. CG Lawyers says:

    I definitely like the fire one the most.

  4. Albert Yau says:

    Cara, I chose these photographs for the emotion content they elicit in me when I look at them. Each photograph brings back to me a memory which to me is most valuable. I’m glad that they also draw out an emotional response to you, the viewer.

    The elements may be part of my sub-consciousness at work, as I certainly did not have them in mind when I took the photographs or when I chose them for the blog.555555 `QQ

  5. Sebastiaan says:

    There is an open feeling to these pictures Albert, very spacious, room to ponder. Well done, thank you for sharing!

  6. Albert Yau says:

    Thanks to Sean and Sebastiaan for your comments. I like these photographs very much myself and it’s a pleasure sharing them with you.

  7. Carol Brett says:

    Albert, I love the picture you took in Japan because of the story behind it. Seating the children in the path of the smoke to teach them discipline … Utterly fascinating.

  8. Albert Yau says:

    Thanks for your comments Carol. This house is so full of character, I can probably do a whole article just on the house.

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