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We thought we would choose 5 iconic logos with a circular theme and show them here. The trade mark registration details at the bottom of each were obtained from the Australian Trade Marks database maintained by IPAustralia and from the Romarin database maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

BMW Logo

BMW Logo; International TM number: 489368. Some people have interpreted the BMW logo as a stylized propeller, which would reflect the company


Woolmark; Australian TM number: 631142. This is a certification trade mark which may be used on any product that meets the requirements set out by the owner of the trade mark. The endless knot is called a triquetra

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings; International TM number: 435401. According to the Olympic Charter, the interlaced rings represent the five continents coming together

Mercedes-Benz; Australian TM number: 1201183. International TM number: 622283. The three-pointed star has been registered as a trade mark in one form or another since 1909. Originally a four-pointed star was also registered


Shell logo: Australian TM number: 1248314. International TM number: 964925. The founder's father, Marcus Samuel, ran a business importing seashells to deal to collectors in England