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Victims of Crime Law

As a “Victims of Crime” lawyer, principal Cara Ghassemian, understands how difficult it is for you to talk about what you have gone through, so we take the time to meet you to discuss your needs, and we strive to explain the legal processes to you in plain English so that you are aware of what may be ahead of you.

There has been a steady increase in people coming forward to begin civil claims arising from institutional abuse, due to the Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse. CG Lawyers acts for survivors of abuse in claims against individuals and the organisations or institutions that protected them.

CG Lawyers acts on behalf of a particular category of primary victim—that is, a person who is injured as a direct result of an act of violence committed. This is someone known as a “special primary victim” and

  • was under 18 years of age when the violence was committed
  • may have an impaired capacity
  • is the victim of violence involving a sexual offence
  • was harmed or injured by someone in a position of power, influence or trust over the victim at the time.

In special cases, we also act for relatives and associates of primary victims.

Our experience in assisting victims of crime has now extended to cold cases as well as recent crimes. We work closely with you to thoroughly assess whether your claim has a reasonable chance of succeeding, is well supported by available evidence, and whether the defendant has the money “in the pot” at the end of the day to be able to pay you.

Cara has attended training on trauma recovery by Babette Rothschild. Babette’s approach is that those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder do not necessarily need to process their memories in order to improve their quality of life, as she explains in this series of interviews.

Cara Ghassemian with Barry and Carmen Sweet at the Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN) fundraiser – July 2016.


SAMSN members reflect on their eight-week group experience

Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN) is Australia’s leading support organisation for adult male survivors of child sexual abuse. Seven members reflect of their interaction with SAMSN in the video clips below.


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Due to confidentiality obligations CG Lawyers is unable to post blog or other comments about specific cases in which it has been involved.

However from time to time references to cases in which it has not been involved may be posted for educational purposes.

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